Agreed. There are plenty of examples of bad graphic design out there, but at least there's effort behind them. Like FCA, KIA (and this is surprising, given their recent embrace of good automotive design) have logos that appear to have been dumbed down to an inoffensive and indistinct average. » 1/30/14 11:36am 1/30/14 11:36am

I'll put one in for Interstate '76. Set in an alternate 1976 in which the gas crisis has become so protracted that so-called autovigilantes ply the roads, you play the polygonal Groove Champion. Not an autovigilante himself, he's nevertheless sucked into that world when he's compelled to avenge his sister's death.… » 5/10/13 1:18pm 5/10/13 1:18pm

Shot in the dark, but they may have been testing an adaptive cruise control system at city speeds. (The big hole in the front could be for the forward-facing radar.) As far as I know, adaptive cruise control systems can't/won't work under 30 or so mph; this could be a big thing for GM if that's what it is. » 4/26/13 4:25pm 4/26/13 4:25pm